The underlying philosophy in my design practice is that a garden should be a space that speaks to the soul; when all the elements in a garden are in balance no one aspect of the garden stands out. When all the elements work together a space is created that welcomes and envelops you. Gardens need to be practical as well as beautiful, function and beauty can be, and should be, the same thing. To ensure that these two aspects are seamless is what influences all my decisions in both my own garden and in my designs. Gardens are not static, they are living, dynamic works of art that should be beautiful and liveable.

Fundamental to me as my role as a garden designer is to create a garden that a client would create for themselves if they had the ability to.  A Garden is something different to each person and the role of a garden designer is to understand the client, their requirements and their needs... Whether the garden is to be a simple garden in layers of different greens; a vegetable garden; a drought tolerant garden; a meadow garden or a shade garden, or a combination of many different styles. The most important thing to remember is that it is not my garden but the clients garden.

A space that is as peaceful as it is beautiful. No matter what challenges we face as garden designers, this is the kind of designed space I always strive for.